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Baptism is an opportunity for you to go public about your faith in Jesus and let those in and outside of our church know that you are a follower of Christ. While it is true that your faith in Christ is personal, your faith in Christ is never to be private. Baptism itself is a step of obedience whereby you publicly profess your faith in Jesus and testify to how He has changed you. In order for a person to be baptized here at FBCN, we believe that the Bible teaches in Acts 2:38 that a person needs a clear testimony of personal repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Writing your story of personal faith in Jesus Christ is a wonderful way to reflect on how God has drawn you to Himself and changed your life. Please follow this outline to write your Salvation Story. As you write, make sure the focus is on God, what He has done, and is doing in your life.

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